If your love for Jet Set Radio Future still hasn't dulled since you first picked up the Xbox game years and years ago, Philadelpha startup LTL Prints has teamed up with Sega of America to offer a new line of products that might interest you: a collection of nearly 100 wall graphics for original artwork and character cut-outs from the graffiti game.

The graphics, which you can apply multiple times on various surfaces without having to worry about damaging your walls, windows, or doors, come in sizes ranging from twelve inches to seven feet tall. The prices scales with those sizes, starting at $19.95 and reaching $164.95 -- very expensive, but where else are you going to buy high-quality, licensed wall decorations for an eight-year-old game that bombed at stores?

If you drop several hundred dollars on the wall graphics, plaster them over your walls, put on a pair of rollerblades, and throw on Cibo Matto's "Birthday Cake" on a nearby boombox, you can pretend you're really skating around a cel-shaded Tokyo-To and tagging futuristic structures.

"Jet Set Radio Future blurred the lines between art, culture, music and video games," says Cindy Chau, who manages Entertainment Licensing at Sega of America. "We are extremely excited to be partnering with LTL PRINTS to bring larger than life-size wall graphic versions of the characters and artwork from this classic video game to real-world walls everywhere."