Spanish indie developer Locomalito (8bit Killer) released a PC demo for Hydorah, his upcoming horizontal-scrolling shoot'em up inspired by classic shmups, not just in its 16-bit style graphics but also in its design. This preview build only includes the game's second level (one of 17 stages), but the absence of a checkpoint system should give you enough challenge to make this last a bit.

Locomalito says the final release will feature "short and intense levels, fantasy spacial landscapes, unlockable weapons, secrets, and a large library of enemies and bosses." Though Hydorah was obviously influenced by similar titles like Gradius and R-Type, the developer says he also took some design cues from non-shmups like Castlevania and Turrican.

You can download Hydorah's free demo from Locomalito's site, where you'll also find a dozen screenshots for the title.