Headsoft, the same homebrew team that released Manic Miner In The Lost Levels and Warhawk DS, has completed another unauthorized remake of a classic title: Sam Manthrope and Argus Press Software's The Detective Game, originally published for the Commodore 64 in 1986.

As with the original game, The Detective takes place in London in 1974, placing you in the role of a Scotland Yard investigator looking to solve the murder of a rich aristocrat. While looking for clues at his mansion, you learn that someone is killing off the departed noble's friends, relatives, and employees. To beat the game, you need to collect 10 pieces of evidence and identify the murderer.

The remake features new graphics and music, and is adapted for the Nintendo DS's two screens -- the moving question marks in the second screen seem distracting, though. The group also created new packaging with original art (complete with a "Not Official Nintendo Seal), in case you want to print the designs and decorate a blank game case.

I've included videos from both The Detective and The Detective Game below so you can compare how the games look. You can download The Detective's ROM for free at Headsoft's site, and you can play it in either a Nintendo DS emulator or on an actual system, provided you have a homebrew flashcart device.