As the final pre-Xmas week ends, it's time to go through the top full-length features of the past week on big sister 'art and business of gaming' site Gamasutra, plus our GameCareerGuide features for the week.

Lots of neat things in here, including the latest NPD analysis, a retrospective of the Warcraft franchise from the Blizzard folks, a postmortem of Top Gun for the iPhone, a neat MMO design piece, some new GCG articles of note, and rather more things besides.

Go go go:

Fifteen Years of Warcraft: The Interview
"Blizzard's Samwise Didier and J. Allen Brack chart the history of the Warcraft RTS and now MMO franchise from humble beginnings, while discussing the present and future of the series, the company's evolution, and the mainstreaming of geek culture."

Rethinking the Trinity of MMO Design by Brian Green
"Experienced MMO designer Brian "Psychochild" Green pulls at the MMO trinity -- Tank/Healer/DPS -- to examine whether or not this pillar of combat design can be pulled apart, modified, or even changed fundamentally."

A Brave New Medium: Facebook versus World of Warcraft
"We speak with key figures at Facebook, ngmoco, EA, and others about interaction, interfaces, and accessibility in a digital world comprised of everything from Facebook to Modern Warfare."

Sponsored Feature: Former Game Creator Taps Unreal Engine 3 For World of Chadam
"In this sponsored feature, part of Intel's Visual Computing site, former Monolith head Jace Hall discusses Chadam, a new Unreal Engine-powered animated series using the engine for surreal, intriguing -- and initially non-interactive -- means."

Postmortem: Freeverse's Top Gun For iPhone
"Freeverse designer and programmer Justin Ficarrotta recounts what went right and what went wrong with the development of the iPhone game Top Gun, and how fans should always be in mind when working on a licensed game."

NPD: Behind the Numbers, November 2009
"Gamasutra's in-depth analysis of November's NPD U.S. game retail sales numbers looks at year-to-date highs and lows, the Xbox 360's surprising sales reversal against the PS3, Wii's 2009 individual Top 10 domination, and much more."

GCG: Game Narrative Review: Persona 3 FES
"In our latest Game Narrative Review, we take a look at the surprise RPG hit that changed the way players think about Japanese-developed role playing games with its rich and textured, and highly personal, story."

GCG: Excerpt - Foundation Game Design With Flash
"Want a leg up on working with Flash? We offer an excerpt from a book aimed at Flash novices with plenty of helpful tips on working with Adobe's popular program."