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Continuing with these recently dredged set of GameSetLinks going back a few weeks, we kick off with author Steve Poole's set of the top games of the decade, always a nice starting point for an ensuing apocalypse of commentary - there's one of those lists coming up on Gamasutra next week too, uhoh.

Also in this set of links - Tynan Sylvester on the concept of the 'skill ceiling' in games, more info on the almost completely mythical, MST3K-related Darkstar, Edge on the making of the MUD, and lots more things besides.

Advanced technology:

Steven Poole: Colossi
'Everyone seems to be compiling lists of the best games of the decade, so here, with minimal special pleading or argumentation is mine'

Tynan Sylvester: Skill Ceiling
'People talk about the depth of games a lot, but it’s tricky to figure out exactly what that means. I’ve been thinking about a new way to measure the depth of games. It’s the Skill Ceiling.'

...on pampers, programming & pitching manure: iPhone TouchPets post-mortem talk at PAGDIG
Some really interesting figures in here: '850k people have downloaded and connected. Peak server load has been about 25k people.' More than that playing at once (doesn't connect all the time.)

Satellite News - The official Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan site » Darkstar Survey
The 9 years in production MST3K-related game coming out soon? With console versions to follow? We'll see, eh?

Apocalypse POW!: Warning: This Game Is Canon
We've mentioned these before, but I never mind linking to Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden - and one of the co-creators' games is entered in the IGF this year.

My 10 Best Gaming Moments of the Decade « Save the Robot – Chris Dahlen
Hey, I'm involved in one of them - neat!

The Making Of: MUD | Edge Online
Nice historical piece.