As we covered earlier in the month, Blip Festival 2009 sponsor Gaijin Games (Bit.Trip series on WiiWare) teamed up with Flash/iPhone developer Robotube (Zyrx, Bloktonik) to produce a game inspired by last week's chiptune event in just one day.

The resulting Pong/puzzler hybrid, which appears to be titled Bit.Tonik, was designed as the "tasty lovechild of Bit.Trip Beat and Bloktonik", with music supplied by chip musician Glomag. Indie game review show Bytjacker was at Blip Fest and shot several videos of the two studios working on the game -- you can see a few seconds of an early build after the break.

"I’d say we did very well," says Robotube's Jason Cirillo. "We ended with some bugs and some weird gameplay issues, but I think we created a clever and fun mechanic that we’d like to further explore. I think the consensus was that we have an 80 percent finished game." Gaijin Games and Robotube plan to post Bit.Tonik online "very soon".

Fans of Gaijin Games should definitely check sister site Gamasutra today for an interview with art director Mike Roush, in which he talks about "the studio's popular retro-inspired WiiWare series Bit.Trip, the Santa Cruz company's vision, and the indie landscape."