Bit.Trip series developer Gaijin Games, which is sponsoring NYC's upcoming three-day Blip Festival 2009, announced a collaboration with Robotube Games (Bloktonik, Zyrx) to create a video game inspired by the three-day chiptune event.

Though the event is titled "Battle of the Brands", the two companies will work together to create a game that isn't necessarily based on their existing properties in just one day. The studios say they'll eventually release the end product to the public, even if they fail miserably.

If their experimental project turns out to be anything like the super-stylish rhythm action titles in the Bit.Trip series, I'm sure many of Gaijin's cultish fanbase will appreciate it. Both groups plan to update their sites, blogs, Twitter feeds, and Facebook pages throughout the game's development.

Also, don't forget that Blip Festival 2009 is less than three weeks away (December 17-19th)!