I'm upset that I came across this video far too late to send it to friends as a Christmas gift suggestion, but I'm holding onto hope that Santa has this blog in his RSS newsreader and will leave a Segata Sanshiro statue in the stocking hung over my fireplace.

Sega Toys manufactured this tribute to the Sega Saturn mascot -- the least they could do after he sacrificed his life to save the company's executives from a missile attack -- some time around 1998. Though the packaging has English text like "He Became Legend" scattered around, I don't think I've ever seen this in any North American shop.

The back of the box reads: "SEGATA SANSHIRO is an authority of justice who guides young men to SEGASATURN Do. He hates to things by halves! In pursuit of SEGASATURN Do, he practices asceticism and keeps challenging various things day and night!!"

The Saturn Junkyard, which stumbled upon the above video, also has photos for another Segata Sanshiro figure, which came with an inflatable bop bag!:

[Via GamOvr]