Back when the Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2 mobiles from Etsy seller SaltyandSweet were making the rounds on video game blogs, I admired the industrial designer's craftsmanship but thought to myself, "Why would you want to hang zombies and firearm-toting dudes around your baby? Aren't there laws against that?"

SaltyandSweet introduced two new laser-cut mobiles for the holiday season, and while the BioShock-inspired piece (below) still looks dangerous, what with the Big Daddy's huge drill and the Little Sister's syringe, the Shadow of the Colossus mobile looks like a perfect toy to hang over your infant's crib, implanting dreams of slaying giant colossi into his or her horned head.

Both of the new items are now available to purchase from SaltyandSweet's Etsy shop -- make sure to put in an order before December 16th if you want a mobile in time for the holidays (December 18, with expedited shipping)!

[Via Wonderland]