To promote the Darius Burst's release in Japan this week, Taito teamed up with Famitsu to create a page separate from its official site to share details on the PSP game's impressive but expensive preorder bonuses, previews of the bosses, and short interviews with series composer Hisayoshi Ogura and Taito's in-house band Zuntata.

The latest update to Famitsu's Darius Burst site has three new videos demonstrating some of the game's mechanics. In the above clip, you can see why Taito added "Burst" to the game's title, as the burst gauge is a vital feature that helps you quickly eliminate waves of enemy ships and make short work of bosses.

Famitsu actually held an event for the release last night, in which it previewed Darius Burst, showed superplays (expert playthroughs) for Darius Gaiden and G-Darius, interviewed developers, and hosted a live performance from Zuntata. Fortunately, KoshitsuVideo captured some choppy video of the Zuntata portion (the band starts playing around 2:30):

[Via Shmups forum]