Commenting on regulations enacted by Japan's Ethics Organization of Computer Software (EOCS) earlier this year to prevent the sale of erotic video games (eroge) with content simulating forced sex, developer Softhouse included a couple notes in its latest Japanese release about the ban.

In Shinobi Ryuu, players follow several ninja/samurai clans filled with warriors who somehow end up having presumably consensual sex. Before players can even start the hentai PC game, though, they're greeted with this disclaimer:

"All the characters appearing in this game have gone through special training and all actions carried out are done on the basis of mutual agreement. Even if you’re a inhuman person who believes that fictional characters in creative works do not have human rights, please do not ignore this.

We also thank all the kind people who see a character in the story saying phrases such as “help me” and take it as a real call for help. However, even though you are worrying for the characters in the story, these are all lines spoken from a script.

They are not saying all this from the bottom of their hearts. We are sorry that they have put in so much effort into their acting that some people will confuse it as something that is really happening. This game is a fictional story."

Players are also reminded about the new eroge restrictions in the game's story, too, as Softhouse sarcastically programmed this casual conversation between two of Shinobi Ryuu's characters, as translated by Canned Dogs:

Surprised Suigen Ninja: I’ve recently learnt something that surprised me.

Listening Suigen Ninja: What is it?

Surprised Suigen Ninja: We, fictional characters, apparently have human rights.

Listening Suigen Ninja: Huh?

Surprised Suigen Ninja: There are apparently some special people that will get angry and show sympathy for us if we get raped. And they’ll start lobbying for us too.

Listening Suigen Ninja: Wow, we even can’t do anything ourselves without a creator or a player but we have human rights.

Surprised Suigen Ninja: Surprising isn’t it?

Listening Suigen Ninja: Yeah. But since they acknowledge that we have human rights, I wonder if they’ll acknowledge that we have the right to vote too. Our creators will work hard to do some political manipulation.

You can read Japanese eroge developer Softhouse's full comments at Canned Dogs.