As part of a recent residency in Vienna, tinkerer Kyle Machulis developed a couple projects for local robotics cocktail party Roboexotica. One of those projects is Adult Mario, which uses a combination of the original Super Mario Bros. playing on an NES emulator, a Phillips amBX system, and a Trance Vibrator to provide "an interactive immersive version of Mario [that] also serves you alcohol".

With the setup, the fans spin as you run and the lights change from blue to red when you hop on an enemy. Killing an enemy also drips a tiny bit of rum into a nearby cup, while collecting coin adds coke to your drink. If you die, however, Adult Mario dumps water into your cup. The vibrator buzzes when you jump onto the flagpole at the end of each level, vibrating longer if you jump to a higher position.

Machulis also developed a similar modification for Tetris called Bartris, which I've included a video for below. Though Roboexotica in Vienna has already passed, he plans to bring the two setups to the upcoming Roboexotica in San Francisco on February 17-18, 2010. You can find more details on the event here.