Doujin game developer Dracue have released a trial version of its upcoming PC run'n gun Gunhound. It's a Japanese title from a small team, so you might have difficulty deciphering its story or configuring the controls, but the game looks very playable otherwise.

As I brought up before, the game is reminiscent of Masaya's Sega Saturn import Assault Suits Leynos II -- the above video of Gunhound's first stage definitely bears a close resemblance to the beginning of Leynos II. The clip and demo also treat us to more of the sidescroller's excellent Castlevania-esque soundtrack.

The full version of Gunhound will release on December 18th ¥6,090 ($67.89) disc edition and a ¥4,080 ($45.48) downloadable version. You can download the demo at Dracue's site -- just click the bottom right blue button on the menu.

[Via Mecha Damashii]