Here's a neat gift idea for the arcade devotee or fighting game fan in your life: gift cards for a custom arcade stick. Online shop Arcade-In-A-Box now offers $25-$300 cards that can go towards purchasing a joystick setup for Xbox 360, PS3, or a combo unit supporting both.

After buying a card online, you'll receive a certificate you can print out and tuck into a holiday card or stocking --or if you're lazy, you can just forward it in an email. Your happy friend/spouse/relative can then use that certificate to create a stick with their ideal buttons, layout, artwork, and more.

The custom controllers are expensive, running anywhere from $147 to $299, but that's around how much you'd spend on a personal stick from someone on the Shoryuken forums (last I checked, at least), and AIAB uses high-grade Sanwa/Seimitsu parts. Plus, if your gift recipient wants to decorate the stick with a painting of Chuck Norris as Jesus Christ, AIAB will probably do that.