Cletus Clay developer Tuna Technologies announced a deal with Britain's Channel 4 Education to produce Cover Girl (working title), a game that explores "consumer self-esteem" by delving into the world of magazine and advertising airbrushing and manipulation.

In the game, players take on the role of a desk artist in a publishing house, where they're asked to "enhance" photographs for fashion magazines with different challenges. Cover Girl's intention is to help players understand the methods that publishers use to sell magazines and and that advertisers used to sell beauty products.

"Beauty is a terrible thing: an enormous industry, a fleeting thing to have (if we have it at all) and nowadays, mostly an unnatural product of digital manipulation," says Channel 4 commissioning editor Alice Taylor, who also runs the fantastic Wonderland video game blog.

She continues, "The daily visual barrage of sculpted abs, cow-length eyelashes, unnaturally long thighbones, skin without follicles: what is it doing to the nation's self image, we ask ourselves?" Channel 4 and Tuna hope the game will help teens understand how media and images are designed and manipulated to pull in consumers.

Cover Girl is expected to launch in Summer 2010.