One drawback with the detailed, bustling cities created by talented pixelartists like eBoy and Army of Trolls is that you don't actually get to play with the video gamey scenes, controlling its wandering sprites or managing its chaotic blocks.

Glu Mobile's recently released iPhone game Beat It!, however, gives you some interaction with the isometric environments. The title is "part beat machine, part rhythm (re)creation", asking you to match beat patterns with different instruments and a variety of musical styles, such as Electro, Hip-Hop, House, and Rock.

Beat It! features more than 50 different animated stages with "retro pixelart backgrounds" that become even more eccentric as you progress through the game. It also features a Freestyle mode that allows you to create your own beats. You can grab it from the App Store now for $2.99.

[Via Lunker]