If you find yourself spending a few hours on a layover Austin-Bergstrom International Airport some time between now and January 26th, 2010 make sure to explore the concourse between Gates 7-12 for "Behind the Screens", an exhibit promising a historic peek at the video game industry with original art and artifacts from early titles.

The collection, which is on loan from University of Texas's Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, features original sketches, story boards, and illustrations from classic video games, mostly from Austin-based developers like Origin Systems and Ion Storm.

Some of the specific items on display include a paper punched taped used to record the code for Richard Garriott's first published game Akalabeth, a rare prototype cartridge for Ozark Softscape's lost M.U.L.E. sequel Son of M.U.L.E. (Genesis), and design documents from Warren Spector's Deus Ex.

The exhibit also has a section dedicated to unreleased games, like a 1997 copy of a proposal for an unidentified title that "illustrates the high level of time, resources and staff involved with a project that never came to the public eye." The airport notes that great care was taken into the project's sound effects and music, with original scores provided by sound designer George "Fat Man" Sanger.

You can find more information on "Behind the Screens" and other ongoing exhibits at the Austin-Bergstrom Airport's official site.

[Via Mathew Kumar]