Arkedo Studios treated us to an early look at 03 Pixel!, the latest project from its line of experimental Arkedo Series titles (02 Swap! and 01 Jump!) for Xbox Live Indie Games. The Big Bang Mini developer plans to spend a couple weeks to polish this game, but I imagine its release won't be too far off.

Like 01 Jump!, 03 Pixel! is a 2D platformer with blocky graphics, though its glowing blue pixel environments/sprites presents a very different aesthetic. Arkedo says the game includes a feature enabling you to "zoom in pixels to find the way out", which I don't quite understand but sounds intriguing nonetheless.

How is it that a studio with only five guys developed three distinct games in such a short time span (01 Jump! released in early October)? Well, Arkedo tells us that this latest project is actually a co-production with Pastagames, a studio it shares offices with. Pastagames's Hervé Barbaresi actually came up with the concept for 03 Pixel!, a revelation that blew my mind.

Pastagames is the same French developer that just put out Maestro: Jump In Music in Europe (no U.S. publisher announced yet, unfortunately), which I recently described as "the most interesting Nintendo DS import this year." Definitely look into it if you're a fan of rhythm games.

You can see screenshots from Arkedo Series 03 Pixel! game below (click for larger versions):

[Thanks, Mister Raroo!]