For his last chiptune project, Levi "Doctor Octoroc" Buffum produced an entire album of classic Christmas songs arranged in the style of classic NES games. Titled 8-Bit Jesus, the holiday CD offered tracks like "Super Jingle Bros.", "Carol of the Belmonts", and "Have Yourself a Final Little Fantasy".

Doctor Octoroc is now teasing his next release, After These Messages, an album filled with 30 chip music covers of television show themes from '80s/'90s sitcoms, cartoons, series. The themes confirmed so far for the CD include Airwolf, Cheers, Fresh Prince, Diff'rent Strokes, Gummi Bears, Heathcliff (!), Law & Order, Night Court, Thundercats, and Tales From The Crypt.

To promote "After These Messages", the artist plans to put up a Flash player with streaming tracks and title screens for imagined NES adaptations of the shows. I've included several of those screens after the break (some of the text looks uneven after I resized the images). I also embedded a preview of the Airwolf track:

[Via Game Music 4 All]