Though 2009's Blip Festival, arguably North America's biggest chip music event, is now behind us, that doesn't mean you'll have to wait another year for another concert featuring video game hardware as instruments. There are lots of smaller shows popping up all the time, and don't forget about monthly events like Pulsewave in New York City and 8static in Philadelphia.

In fact, 8static is looking to raise some money to fund its performances, free workshops, and open mic sessions. Visual artist Don "No Carrier" Miller launched a project at donation-ware platform Kickstarter looking to bring in $2,000 to buy a subwoofer, on-stage monitors, and a projector. He points out that local artists and fans have pieced together some of the equipment, but they still "need dedicated gear for the future of *static."

As incentives, 8static organizers are offering exclusive MP3 compilations of unreleased tracks by local chip artists, CDs from Alex Mauer and Animal Style, T-shirts designed by Animal Style and Enso/No Carrier, pixel art prints featuring Enso's art shown at Ready>Run, Animal Style's Teletime cartridges, glitchNES 0.2 cartridges, Pro-sound modified Game Boys, and more depending on the size of your pledge.

8static has already received more than $1,400 pledges toward its $2,000 goal with 45 days to go, so it's likely the project will reach it's target soon. Even if the project hits its goal before you have a chance to donate, though, you can still pledge money to collect one of the rewards.