Since video games with volumetric pixels are in vogue right now, you might appreciate this set of voxel scenes inspired by 2D games, created by Dutch designer and illustrator Metin "Sevensheaven" Seven for his "Inside Video Games" collection.

Along with arcade classics like Pac-Man and Galaga, Seven recreated pixels from lesser known '80s titles like Konami's Amidar and Universal Games's Lady Bug. My favorite of the set, though, is his simple interpretation for Monty On The Run (below). It's a lot like Tibori Design's work, but this collection has a several tributes to Western titles.

You can view Seven's video game artwork and other voxel-based pieces in his Flickr set. He also sells prints for each of the scenes, if you fancy one enough to hang it on your wall.

[Via Pixelkitsch]