Realizing that most gamers won't appreciate their hands stinking of fish after battling the aquatic mech bosses in Darius Burst, Taito assembled a Japanese DX bundle for the forthcoming PSP shoot'em up with a small towel (featuring the above design) to help scrub off that smell while washing your hands.

The ¥13,765 ($157!) kit also includes a soundtrack featuring music picked from various games in the series, but most of it is from Darius Twin (SNES), which is either great or terrible, depending on your feelings for that particular title. Completionists will love it either way because Taito and Zuntata have never released a soundtrack for Darius Twin.

The highlight of the overpriced set, though, is the dark blue shirt with a wraparound boss fight between the Silver Hawk ship and the massive Iron Fossil (shown after the break). It actually outclasses King of Games's recently revealed R-Type tee and ACG's King Fossil design!

Unfortunately, all of the DX bundles will include the shirt in size "Small." Japanese online retailer Ebten, however, is selling the tee individually in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large sizes for ¥4,500 ($51.37). It will begin sending out the shirts on December 24th, when the game also releases.

In other Darius Burst news, Taito recently showed off the horizontal-scrolling shoot'em up on a Japanese television show, and it looks fantastic. You can't hear Zuntata's mind-meltingly awesome soundtrack like in the trailer released a few weeks ago, but it's still great stuff.

[Via Adversity1, Neo2046]