Designer Sergej Hein, currently studying fine arts at University of East London, animated this real-world version of Tetris by combining a time-lapse video of the sky and a photo of a "block building" shot from his bedroom window. The project took him two weeks to complete.

"The idea is based on a kind of parody about the former socialist building style combined with pop culture," Hein explained in an interview with Creator's Corner Blog. "They used to build whole cities where each house was designed identically to create cheap housing for workers."

He continues, "These blocks were so similar that in Soviet times, you could easily wake up at a friends place in another city and still feel like you are in your own flat (there is even a Russian film about it!). Even the furniture was the same."

I wonder if Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov ever thought of his game when he saw similar block buildings in Russia?

[Via Brandonnn]