As established by Super Meat Boy's trailer (and by the original Meat Boy Flash release), the game's hero, like many other game heroes, is vulnerable to buzzsaws. Developer Team Meat fashioned a boss that preys on that weakness to moving blades: Lil Slugger, a chainsaw mech with legs, controlled by Meat Boy's arch-enemy Dr. Fetus.

The studio also debuted an equally devious music track to accompany the Forest boss, composed by Danny Baranowsky (Canabalt). You can download the boss track as an MP3 with this link. Snapshot developer Kyle Pulver liked it so much, he made a DDR version of it!

Super Meat Boy is expected to release for WiiWare and PC in the first quarter of 2010. The platformer will offer more than 300 levels, including several "retro level sets" like the stages pictured below:

[Via @supermeatboy, Destructoid, and Games Radar]