I'd never heard of Gunhound before today, but I'm now adding it to my list of Christmas gifts that other people need to buy for me! Japanese developer Dracue plans to release this action-packed, 2D run'n gun for PCs on December 18th with a ¥6,090 ($69.46) disc edition and a ¥4,080 ($46.53) downloadable version.

Mecha Damashii likens the game to a spiritual sequel for Masaya's Assault Suits Leynos II on the Sega Saturn, but you can definitely see a few scenes inspired by Treasure's classic Gunstar Heroes in the trailer, too.

4Gamer, which posted a few screenshots of the title, also compares Gunhound's music to the style of Castlevania series composer Kinuyo Yamashita, which seems like an odd direction for a mech-based run'n gun but sounds sensational in the above trailer.

You can see more of Gunhound (and probably purchase the game online once its out) on Dracue's official site.