Years before Microsoft acquired the British studio, Rare shared its E3 booth with former owner Nintendo. The Perfect Dark developer put on some interesting/absurd shows at that booth, like this one promoting Killer Instinct (SNES) at E3 1995.

The dancing, high-kicking girls presented a series of acts at the Nintendo booth every hour, according to video uploader Grooveraider. Here, they twirled orange nunchucks as a very cheesy, very mid-90's Killer Instinct song played and a giant panther head nodded in the background, clearly approving. If you watch the monitors on the sides, you can also see the Killer Instinct cast jamming along.

Make sure to check out Grooveraider's other Nintendo-related videos for interesting trade show clips, like the N64/Mario 64 demonstration at E3 '96 and Star Fox laser show at CES '93.

[Via @GDRI]