Indie developer Flashhbang announced it's started development on a successor to Off-Road Velociraptor Safari, a much bigger project than its previous Blurst portal games developed in 8-week cycles like Time Donkey. Internally referred to as Raptor Safari 64, the game's expected to release in fall 2010 for around $15 to $20.

"We feel that launching another 8-week game won’t change the playing field for us," says Flashbang's Matthew Wegner, explaining Blurst's new direction away from shorter development cycles. "No new possibilities will open up with one more game."

He continues, "We’ll be roughly where we are now, except two months poorer and two months behind on doing something that could change things up. By contrast, we feel like a strong ORVS standalone version will open some doors and provide us with more flexibility and opportunities than we have now."

Flashbang says its first phase of the sequel's development is to improve the production quality, creating a "nicer-looking, faster-running, better-coded version of the original game" before expanding its scope with new environments, dinosaurs, and features. It's already uploaded a new video (above) sharing some of the follow-up's changes.

The studio is currently in talks with "the proper authorities" to possibly release Raptor Safari 64 as a downladable title for consoles. It will also make development builds of Safari 64 available to players that purchased the original PC title, hinting that a playable alpha might hit as soon as Christmas.