Inspired by the explosives in Resident Evil 5, craftster Lynne Dhenson modeled this three-color set of life-size plush replica hand grenades, which would serve as perfect way to disperse and exterminate crowds of Dismember-Me Plush Zombies, green limbs flying in every direction.

Even if you don't have any undead shuffling around, they're soft enough to throw around your house -- like at a cat scratching your furniture or at a spouse across the room who isn't paying enough attention to you -- without damaging, blinding, or incinerating anything/anyone.

"Original plan was to use metal keyrings for the pull rings, but I wanted something I could safely hurl at the TV when stupid things come on," explains Dhenson. Now all we need is a plush Grenade Launcher (though a Hydra stuffed shotgun would do, too).

[Via Technabob]