Chances are you've come across Mikaƫl "Orioto" Aguirre's impressive video game-inspired wallpapers, but did you know he's also contributed art to several games? He's mostly worked on casual Facebook puzzlers (Elementz, Goo Deluxe), but his latest project is a beautiful, golden puzzle platformer.

Piece of Pie Studios's Yacine Salmi, formerly a developer at Havok, brought in Orioto to direct Swimming Under Clouds' art. The 2D game follows a lost pet goldfish encased in a bubble of water, solving physics-based puzzles as it tries to find a way back to its owner. The goldfish loses water from the bubble as it progresses and uses its "super jump", but players can replenish the bubble at checkpoints.

The team submitted Swimming Under Clouds to IGF 2010 and hopes to release the game "as a digital title on a console" in 2010. You can follow Swimming Under Clouds' development at Piece of Pie's site, and read an interview with Orioto and Salmi at BeefJack.

[Update 1: It appears the embeddable trailer is no longer available. You can still watch the video here.]

[Update 2: Added a YouTube embed. Thanks, Tim!]