Developer Aetherbyte is now taking orders for Insanity, its PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx-CD remake of Stern Electronics's 1980 arcade game Berzerk (previously featured with a video here). The homebrew group also released a playable 10-minute demo for gamers to download and try out.

Insanity features digitized voice samples and sound effects, original graphics and music, more than 20 room varieties, and hidden modes and features. The $30 package includes a copy of the game "professionally pressed" onto a CD with thermal-printed disc art, a jewel case, and a full-color front insert; I've put up some photo of the product after the break.

Frozen Utopia, another homebrew development team, also announced that it's accepting preorders for the upcoming release of Mysterious Song, a TurboGrafx-16 Super CD port of Darkness Ethereal's PC RPG of the same name. You can download and read a review for the original game here.

The group has worked on porting Mysterious Song for several years now, but other obligations have kept it from putting out the title. Frozen Utopia says its entering the game's third beta phase, and expects to have Mysterious Song out next March.

Insanity's packaging:

Mysterious Song screenshots:

[Via Digital Press]