Developer MadPeet announced that it will release Irides: Master of Blocks, a port of the studio's iPhone puzzler, for the Dreamcast on December 12th. Modeled after Lumines and Tetris, the falling block puzzle title has you rotating and matching colored tiles to clear the field.

The region-free disc release will include 30 levels with unlockable bonus stages, 15 music tracks, a single-player campaign mode with four difficulty settings, a co-op campaign mode, and a multiplayer Versus mode for up to four players. Irides supports all licensed Dreamcast controllers, rumble pack accessories, and the VMU.

Online shop The Goat Store plans to produce 144 Limited edition copies with special disc/packaging art, an expanded instruction manual, a numbered mini-poster signed by the game's designer Florian Zitzelsberger, and a numbered 2" diameter collector's coin, all for $35.90, versus the standard edition's price of $21.90.

(screenshots are from the iPhone edition)