With approval from series creator Richard "Lord British" Garriott, Enrico Ricciardi shot and produced a 2010 pinup calendar filled with women presented in Ultima-inspired scenes and dressed in impractical fantasy-themed outfits.

Neither Garriot nor Ricciardi own the Ultima license, though, so the Italian photographer titled the calendar Mystik 2010. The backgrounds for the 12 photos all depict settings and elements from the RPG series, like Lord British's castle, Moonglow's Lycaeum, and the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom.

Ricciardi gathered models from all over the world (including a single male model to represent the Avatar) for Mystik. I've included a couple of their photos from the calendar below, but you can see all of the images, including a behind-the-scenes video and photos before the green screen was swapped out, at the photographer's site. Be warned, some of the shots are almost NSFW.

[Via Armchair Arcade]