Animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical of Animals) is taking advantage of Nintendo's New Super Mario Bros. Wii release next week to put out its own platformer sequel, New Super Chick Sisters. Nugget and Chickette, both chicken baby versions of Mario and Luigi, return to save PETA member (Princess) Pamela Anderson.

Unlike the original Super Chick Sisters game published in 2007, which accused fast food chain KFC using cruel methods when slaughtering chickens, this follow-up targets McDonalds for turning a blind eye to alleged chicken mistreatment committed by its suppliers.

As players make their way across the free Flash-based platformer (downloadable PC/MAC editions are also available), they're met with chickens, "sea kittens", and veggie burgers dispensing game tips and messages about chicken cruelty. The cute characters chastise McDonalds for not adopting CAK, or Controlled-Atmosphere Killing, which PETA argues is a more humane way of slaughtering poultry.

After the second stage of New Super Chick Sisters, players are presented with an unskippable undercover video from a slaughterhouse with bloody clips of chickens "scalded to death in defeathering tanks" and a twitching chicken corpse with its head cut off. The game offers a "kid-friendly" version that doesn't display the video.

As for the actual game, it's pretty fun! Players jump through five stages modeled after a typical Mario level, an underwater area, a Super Mario Galaxy world featuring gravity tricks, and a McDonalds play area with a maze of tunnels. The game also introduces new moves like a wall-jump and butt-stomp, as well as a power-up for swimming.

Mario, Luigi, and Bowser also appear in the parody, alluding to spin-offs keeping them busy and selling plastic moustache Wii accessories. At one point, an in-game activist accuses Mario of Yoshi abuse, yelling, "Did you know that 'retired' Yoshis can end up in Japanese slaughterhouses, where they are hacked apart for human and Nintendog food?"

I doubt Nintendo sanctioned this!