After bringing her culinary minigames to Nintendo DS, Wii, mobile, and iPhone, Cooking Mama is now setting up her kitchen for arcades. Manufacturer Universal Space showed off a redemption machine for the cooking game at annual amusement industry tradeshow IAAPA this week, inviting attendees to try out its touchscreen gameplay.

The pink cabinet and 46" monitor (the setup is priced at $4,600, according to Arcade Heroes) offers a collection of recipes for players to prepare like Ratatouille, Minestrone soup, Sushi, Tortilla, and more.

Once they select a dish, players are taken through a series of timed mini-games in which they can slice, chop, peel, boil, and sauté their ingredients using gestures on the touchscreen. Mama judges their performance at the end, awarding tickets based on players' final score.

Now, how long will it be before we see a coin-op adaptation for Gardening Mama (or her rival and jilted lover Science Papa)?