Yet again, we're ending another week, so it's time to go through the top full-length features of the past week on big sister site Gamasutra, plus some GameCareerGuide features of the week.

There's some pretty interesting stuff in this set - including a great interview with Sony Worldwide Studios' Shu Yoshida, the folks at Blizzard talking about Starcraft II, a great article about feedback in games, and many more things besides.

Go go go:

Sony's Software Strategy: Shuhei Yoshida Speaks
"Sony Worldwide Studios president Shu Yoshida took over from Phil Harrison last year with a strong mandate -- Gamasutra talks to him about strategies for the motion controller, relationships with third parties, changing attitudes for PSP game support, and much more."

A Holistic Approach to Game Dialogue Production
"How do you organize and structure the creation of dialogue for video games, "perhaps the single most important aspect of video game audio"? Game audio veteran Bridgett (Prototype, Scarface) examines the key issues and possible solutions."

Ancients Reborn: Launching League of Legends
"As Riot Games' League Of Legends launches, Gamasutra talks to co-founder and president Marc Merrill and lead creative designer Shawn Carnes on the company's business model, usability concerns, breaking free of the grip of publishers, and more."

Sponsored Feature: Fluid Simulation for Video Games (Part 2)
"This sponsored feature, part of Intel's Visual Computing site and written by Dr. Michael J. Gourlay of the University of Central Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, continues a multi-part series that explains fluid dynamics and its simulation techniques."

Staying Power: Rethinking Feedback to Keep Players in the Game
"In this in-depth article, Microsoft Game Studios user research expert Phillips looks at a simple but vital problem - why people stop playing games, and what feedback we can give them to encourage them to continue."

The Design of StarCraft II
"StarCraft II lead designer Dustin Browder talks in-depth to Gamasutra on the inevitable difficulties that come with updating a 10-year-old game while trying to steadfastly avoid feature creep, as well as the state of the PC platform and a plethora of design tuning specifics."

GCG: Game Narrative Review: Chrono Trigger
"In the latest in a series of student-penned narrative reviews, Michael Brannan examines the engaging storyline that powers Square Enix's time-traveling epic Chrono Trigger."

GCG: Making the Most of U. Time: Academic Paths to Working in Games
"In a classic article, we speak to notable developers including ThatGameCompany's Jenova Chen and Portal's Kim Swift on their move from university straight into the leading edge of the game industry."