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As we stumble into Thanksgiving week here in the States, time to rumble happily through a few more highlighted GameSetLinks, starting out with a note that Cory Doctorow's next book seems to stray into game-related areas in perhaps entertainingly meta ways - looking forward to the results.

Also in here - a chat with the Trials folks in Finland, an XBLIG game that sounds extremely intriguing, sleep challenges as games, the Pinball Hall of Fame moves to bigger digs in Vegas, and lots more besides.

So much closer:

Doctorow's Next Book is For the Win, Literally | Game Culture
Cool, Cory Doctorow's next book is set among Asian gold farmers, or similar.

Experience Points: Layton's Linearity and Halo's Heuristics
'Both Halo and Layton follow largely in the tradition of author-controlled narratives. However, Halo offers the opportunity to stray off that well-warn path, thereby opening up the possibilities for unique challenges and unexpected lessons.'

The Trials of Trials Article | Xbox 360 | Eurogamer
A nice look at the relatively obscure Finnish developer who hit it out of the park with Trials HD.

Xbox Indie Game: The Headsman - The Gameshelf
Hadn't heard of this, and it looks really interesting.

Pinball Hall of Fame’s new home. | driph.com/words
I've been to the old location, this looks even more expanded and a must-visit when in Las Vegas.

BriceMorrison.com » How to Defeat the Alarm: My 30 Day Sleep Challenge
Interesting to discuss games that involve... life.

Exoriare: Exploring the Darknet | ARGNet: Alternate Reality Gaming Network
Smoking Gun Interactive are trying something clever here for their big original IP console game, ARG and obscurity-wise - good luck to 'em.