[GameSetLinks is GameSetWatch's semi-regular link round-up post, culling from hundreds of weblogs and outlets to compile the most interesting longform writing, links, and criticism on the art and culture of video games.]

As we happen upon the weekend, here's the first of a new set of occasional GameSetLinks round-ups, culled from a good few hundred RSS feeds over the past week or two. This one starts out with Clint Hocking chatting about auteurship in games, in a reasonably unmissable post, and then wanders off in lots of other areas.

I'm particularly taken by the stealth appearance of Pop N Music on Wii with super-odd licensed soundtrack - perhaps another example of how Konami, who basically originated the custom controller/instrument-based music genre in Japan, have fumbled the ball in taking it to the West. It's a shame, but hey, they have patents to console themselves, right?

Go go go:

On Auteurship in Games - Click Nothing
Further comments on _that_ NYT indie games article from Clint Hocking.

1UP's Retro Gaming Blog : The Paper Trail: VideoGames & Computer Entertainment #1
More awesome Cifaldi retro analysis for 1UP.

Indie Video Games | New Hampshire Public Radio | Word of Mouth
More good indie coverage - neat!

pop'n music (Wii) Released in North America - bemanistyle.com
Fascinating that this (Japanese casual-friendly Beatmania sister title) got released for Wii with almost nobody, including the fans, being told. Our own Danny Cowan Twittered: 'Pop'n Music for the Wii is mystifying on every possible level. 29 licensed tracks. It's Raining Men. New Kids on the Block... 'We finally found out how to sell that cutesy Japanese music game to the Americans, sir. The missing element was Motorhead.'"

Violent video games won’t corrupt anyone | Rob Fahey - Times Online
This being the crux: 'It’s stomach-churning and nasty, a bleak and incongruous sidestep in a game that otherwise progresses with the pace and bombast of a Hollywood action movie. But it is no more graphic than countless other scenes in movies and TV shows such as 24.'

Elder Game: MMO game development » Two Kinds of Developer Relations
'There seem to be two main ways that MMO developers interact with players. These two ways have serious pros and cons, but too often the choice isn’t made consciously. Instead, the choice comes from the culture and situation the team finds itself in.'

Infinite Ammo » Blog Archive » Mega-Rant: The State of Indie
'I believe that if “indie” does become just a label, as it has in many respects for indie music and indie film, that the Technicolor dreamcoat of creators, fans and frankly love that we see in the scene right now will disperse.' Hopefully not!