Though Bit.Trip Void appeared in Japan last week, Gaijin Games plans to save the WiiWare title's U.S. release (11/23) as a Thanksgiving week gift for 600 Nintendo Points. Void is the third title in the Bit.Trip rhythm-based series, challenging players to collect black dots to expand their "void" while evading streams of white dots.

The game features four-player cooperative multiplayer, mid-level checkpoints (a boon to those who found the previous two Bit.Trip games too difficult), Nunchuk and Classic Controller support, retro cutscenes, and a chip music-inspired soundtrack featuring several songs from noted micromusician Nullsleep.

Gaijin also reminded fans of its Bit.Trip Beat album release, and announced that it is sponsoring New York City's Blip Festival 2009 this December. Both Nullsleep and Bit.Shifter, who guest starred on Bit.Trip Core's soundtrack, are slated to perform at the three-day chiptune concert.

"Our sponsorship of Blip Festival 2009 is one way of giving back to that creative community that we so admire," says Gaijin Games CEO Alex Neuse. The studio also encouraged gamers to contribute to The People's Fund to Support Blip Festival 2009 to help with the event's costs.