Following up the "TV Show Weirdness" item in yesterday's GameSetLinks round-up, here's another strange and fabricated video game that appeared on a television show but not on any real-life store shelves: Montezano's Quest (not to be confused with Montezuma's Revenge, which this might be based on).

TV programs make up video games all the time for the sake of fitting them into whatever plot they have planned, but this Full House episode goes into a surprising amount of detail on this SNES title's design. While you never actually see the game itself, the Tanner family narrates their progress as they solve puzzles and defeat different enemies.

Select Button has a thorough dissection of each Montezano's Quest element revealed or indicated in the episode, guessing that the "Enchanted Kayak minigame" is presented with a Mode 7 setup and that the Cosmic Cow Pie power-up is actually a palette swap of the Power Biscuit.

The most startling revelation comes later in the thread, though: "This comes from season eight, episode nine of Full House. Weirdly, season eight episode nine of The Cosby Show also has a b-plot about a highly detailed video game that adults eventually become obsessed with!" Could we have stumbled upon a dangerous conspiracy to feature fake games in sitcoms?