Still operating in stealth mode, indie game label The Singularity -- co-founded by Indiecade's Sam Roberts -- is looking for funding to support its first title, Freeq, an interactive radio drama for the iPhone, made by Mike Stein (Empireville) and Jesse Vigil (of Psychic Bunny).

The game features "almost no visual component" but enables you to tilt, shake, touch, and use the GPS capabilities of the iPhone as knobs on a radio that can tune into conversations from the future. Freeq takes its inspiration from old radio dramas like The Shadow and X Minus One (an awesome program that you should definitely listen to when you have some free time!)

Singularity explains the game's concept: "As players learn how to navigate a landscape they cannot see but only hear, their powers expand to include the capture and release of key audible moments, which they will use to change the future and unravel a mystery that spans more than a hundred years."

The studio is looking to raise $12,300 for the game's production, which is a significantly higher goal than most other projects listed on Kickstarter, but Singularity wants to hire a full-time engineer, voice actors, and "a top-notch audio engineer" for Freeq. At $9,540 pledged so far, the project is already at 77 percent of its goal with six days left.

As an incentive, Singularity is offering pre-order copies, t-shirts, a spot for your band's music or a recorded vignette in Freeq, an opportunity to have one of the developers play a tabletop RPG with you for 10 hours, a minor character that you can voice, and more as incentives for your pledges.

You can find more information on Freeq and back the project at Kickstarter.