If the release of Going Rogue, Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's new book out this week, had you hyped for a new, in-depth Dungeons & Dragons supplement for the tabletop RPG's thief class, you might want to read this review posted on Wizards of the Coast's forums first.

According to Ravnor_darkwater, the memoir lacks any character optimization tips or guidelines for new trade equipment/weapons/magic:

"To my chagrin, it didn't start out well. I thought, well, at some point, this has to get better. But guess what, it doesn't! There's nothing at all about dex rolls, dps builds, searching for traps, sneak attacks, assassins, +4 daggers, or anything!

All it is [is] some woman whining about how everyone in her party wouldn't let her make any decisions, about how something called a Couric made her look like a complete idiot (I couldn't find it in the monster manual, but I'm guessing it must be like a Sphinx), and how her group leader McCain wouldn't let her be rogue enough."

So, scratch that off your list of must-have D&D supplements! If you're looking for a book to flesh out your thief, you might want to pick up last year's Martial Power instead.

[Via @ferricide]