In what some are describing as a "diplomatic mission" that will finally bring peace between the warring West and East Coast chiptune scenes, New York chiptune artists/ambassadors Minusbaby, Fx6Ex6, and Paris Treantafeles will help kick off a small micromusic tour on the other end of the country.

As with NYC and Philly's Blip Festival, Pulsewave, and 8static events, the Data Beez tour hopes to spread "addictive, low-tech sounds across the West coast", as well as set "a precedent for the future of chip music on the West Coast".

The tour begins with a chip music workshop presented by Attract Mode at Los Angeles's Japanese American National Museum on November 7th (Make sure to check out the ARTXGAME projects and Giant Robot Biennale 2 while you're there!). After the workshop, Trash80, Minusbaby, StarPause and Crashfaster will perform with visual artists Daniel Rehn and Paris at the Chop Suey Cafe.

The Databeez tour continues with additional events in San Francisco (Nnovember 12th at the DNA Lounge), Portland, and Seattle, according to a report from Zen Albatross. Databeez's official site will presumably post date/venue details on the latter two shows as they approach.

If you've reached the end of this post, you probably like chip music, right? In that case, why not kick $10 or so to The People's Fund to Support Blip Festival 2009. You'd help organizers for the NYC micromusic show pay for the event, and your contribution will get you an exclusive 8bitpeoples MP3 compilation album!

[Via Nobuooo]