After three and a half years spent with the love of his life, Chris "Satoshi" Hebert finally popped the question to his Pokemon partner Belle "PikaBelleChu" Starenchak, presenting an engagement ring encased in a Pokeball while on bended knee.

Ensuring that the proposal was as romantic an event as possible, he waited for the perfect moment: when the couple was dressed up as Pikachu and Raichu, watched by a crowd of Anime Weekend Atlanta attendees, and surrounded by dozens of stuffed Pokemon dolls.

Never mind the weirdness of two Pokemon cosplayers walking down the aisle (for the duration of this paragraph, at least); I'm pretty sure that this is the only successful marriage proposal conducted while the suitor was dressed in orange cargo pants. Chris is lucky to have found a woman willing to forgive such trivial faults.

As for Belle, you might recognize her as the 33-year-old Pokemon superfan featured in the 2009 Guinness Book of World Records Gamers Edition for her collection of 8,000+ Pikachu-related merchandise, which includes stickers, plushies, and other trinkets. She even has a 2000 Volkswagen Beetle modified to resemble the yellow rodent.

Chris took advantage of Belle's obsession to meet her years ago. To get his future fiancee's attention, he setup a Pokemon auction hoping that it would attract her attention and convince her to show up, according to a report from Florida newspaper Ocala. She did show up, and they've been singing the Pokemon rap together since (not really, but one can dream).

You can see a snapshot of Belle -- wearing the same outfit from the proposal video -- and her collection after the break. I'm not sure why the Pikachu doll next to her foot has hair.

[Via Omg Rite]