Not to be outdone by bands like Aerosmith and Van Halen that've cashed in on the popularity of music games, '80s rock group REO Speedwagon partnered with North Carolina developer Curious Sense to create a game in its likeness, though don't expect to grip a guitar controller while playing this one.

Find Your Own Way Home, named after the band's 2007 album, is a hidden object PC adventure in which players take on the role of a Hollywood reporter tasked with preparing a report on REO Speedwagon at an album release party. The band's lead vocalist, Kevin Cronin, goes missing, as players must find clues to track him down and get everyone to the party on time.

The game will feature 80 levels, 30 hand-rendered environments, 18 game types, and 12 REO Speedwagon songs, including new recordings for "Keep on Loving You" and "Roll With The Changes". No word on whether the group's other chart-topping power ballad "Can't Fight This Feeling" made it on the soundtrack, but it would be criminal (a travesty, even) if not.

Publisher Merscom plans to bring this ship into shore and throw away the oars (forever) the week after Thanksgiving. The game includes a coupon code for a discount on the band's new Christmas album, Not So Silent Night. Also, players that find a hidden Gold Ticket in Find Your Own Way Home's last level are eligible to win one of ten prize pages, which consist of two tickets to an REO Speedwagon concert and a backstage meet-up with the band.

[Via Gamezebo]