For those of you seeking an indie co-op platforming alternative to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, keep an eye out for Tobe’s Vertical Adventure. Singaporean developer Rayteoactive recently submitted the two-player game to XNA Club for review and hopes to release it through Xbox Live Indie Games in the next few weeks.

Unfortunately, players will be unable to select the female character Nana in the upcoming release (playing instead with two versions of Tobe, which doesn't seem as big a deal as playing as two Toads), as the projects programmers were all enlisted for national service and haven't had time to add her in yet. The studio plans a patch with Nana and an extra mode for next year, though.

Though having a buddy is nice to hop off of and help pull you onto ledges, the game still promises "hours of fun, simple platforming adventure" with its single-player mode. Also, I'm sure the the art style and soundtrack (the song in the trailer reminds of Firebrand Boy cheery "Famous") are just as charming when you experience it by yourself.

You can see a couple of Tobe’s Vertical Adventure's four unique islands (divided into 16 stages) after the break and on Rayteoactive's official site for the game.