At first glance, Boss Rush seems like a typical bullet hell shoot'em up -- albeit one populated with only boss battles -- but instead of playing as the tiny starship dodging a torrent of shots while collecting power-ups, you take on the role of the massive enemy crafts filling the screen with explosions and bullet patterns.

"Haven’t you ever wished that that could be you over there? Calmly making horribly devious patterns of deadly bullets? That you could then admire and fully appreciate, because the actual task of figuring out how to avoid them was someone else’s problem? If so, then this, ladies and gentlemen, may be the game for you!"

Boss Rush features five playable bosses, three difficulty levels, more than 50 levels and challenges, unlockable bonuess and secrets, a survival mode, and an option to play against live friends in Versus Mode (the game's site doesn't clarify if this is local or online multiplayer).

Developer Paper Dino Software says it's completed development on the game but is waiting to attract a sponsor before releasing it to the public. The studio also submitted the game into the 2010 IGF Main Competition, where it's up against at least one other unique shoot'em up.