Brooklyn artist Bryan Green from Paper Foldables constructed this accurate, rainbow-trailed version of CommanderVideo, the star of Gaijin Games' Bit.Trip WiiWare rhythm series. You can download a PDF of the papercraft model and create one yourself (if you're not completely incompetent and folding stuff like I am) from Gaijin's site.

In related CommanderVideo fanart news, illustrator Ty Dunitz (also responsible for this awesome piece) posted an image revealing the Bit.Trip hero's innards. He almost seems human, except for one missing detail.

"Yeah, I omitted a muscular system, but CV doesn't need muscles to move - he needs only a fat beat to get his Core pumping the groove juice," explains Dunitz. You may also notice I gave him an intestinal tract. No, a man with no mouth doesn't eat, but as [fellow artist Neil Lalonde] put it best, 'The rainbow has to come from somewhere.'"

Dunitz has also posted a wallpaper-sized version of the art on his blog.

[Via Fort90]