Three weeks after Sony urged U.S. gamers not to import Japanese copies of recently released 3D Dot Game Heroes, Atlus has revealed itself as the North American publisher for the PlayStation 3 RPG, planning to ship the game on May 11th, 2010 for the low (and much appreciated) price of $39.99.

Atlus also localized From Software's last critically acclaimed PS3 title, Demon's Souls. While that action RPG breathed new life into the genre, though, 3D Dot Game Heroes is definitely a throwback experience, what with its pixel-esque voxel graphics, Legend of Zelda-inspired music/enemies/weapons, and loading screens recalling iconic games.

The publisher even calls 3D Dot Game Heroes an "homage to the industry's golden era" and the "ultimate retro love letter." Hopefully, that means the English edition will keep Irem's Spelunker hero as a playable character; if not, I'm sure it's not too difficult to re-create him in the character editor.