Aquaria, the 2007 IGF Grand Prize winning indie game from Bit Blot (Derek Yu of Mossmouth, and Alec Holowka of Infinite Ammo), will receive an official two-disc soundtrack this weekend. Holowka plans to celebrate its launch with a "live pyjama jam" on Saturday, setting up a webcam and streaming music as he packages and begins to take orders.

The 50-track release includes all the music from the game, as well as "Fear the Dark", a new nine-minute piece that "explores the light and dark sides of Aquaria". The song features new vocals from the Jenna Sharpe, the voice of heroine Naija for the underwater adventure game.

The soundtrack will also have two remixes by Brandon McCartin (Balding's Quest), and another remix by Canabalt composer Danny Baranowsky, who also mastered the project. A "work-in-progress" seven-minute song titled from Infinite Ammo's upcoming Marian game is included in the set, too.

Holowka, Yu, and concept artist Katie De Sousa designed the soundtrack's packaging, dressing it up with "full color labels, an eight page booklet featuring new art and lyrics, and an eight panel poster featuring visuals from the game, notes on composing the tracks, score snippets and more." They plan to offer several purchase options, including one with a signed poster.