French gaming lifestyle magazine Amusement put out its sixth issue on newsstands, this time packing its 200 pages (the biggest page count in the publication's history) with 20 articles and photos collections centered around computer bugs -- how artists have used them for their work, ways players exploit them to their advantage, and more.

While there's still no sign of the magazine's promised English edition, Dieubussy posted a much appreciated walkthrough of the issue's contents, like an intriguing article on the role of bug testers and an interview with Tetsuya Mizuguchi in which he talks about "his early days at SEGA and the several experiences that motivated him to seek new grounds in game design when founding UGA or his recent studio Q? Entertainment."

As with the quarterly's previous issues, Amusement #6 offers several photo series that are nothing like what you'd find in other video game magazines. The District 9-esque gallery of cockroaches infiltrating data centers (above) is clever, but the "Overheating" photo shoot of products being thrown through a wall out of frustration is definitely the main highlight here: